Buy and selling of properties

BuildingAzores is real property sales company, solely based in Santa Maria Island, so we know Santa Maria market better than anyone else. In addition to the properties advertised on the website for sale, we have other properties in portfolio to meet your expectations. Or tell us what you want, and we’ll look for you.


Do you need to license your construction, improve or enlarge your home? Do you need to license your house for tourism accommodation, or other business activity? Do you need a license for housing or services? Do you need to legalize your property for own use or to sell later? BuildingAzores can help you.

Architecture and engineering projects

Whether it’s projects for new housing, property sales or rehabilitation of existing buildings, at BuildingAzores we deal with your architectural project and engineering projects (access plan, external layout design, drainage projects, gas installation project or electricity, among others). Whatever your needs or legal requirements, we can be by your side in this process in order to offer you solutions to make your investment profitable.

Energy Performance Certificates

Through partnerships established with accredited technicians for this purpose, BuildingAzores can provide you with the energy certification service. The Energy Certificate is a document that contains information about the characteristics of energy consumption of a particular property, in terms of Climate and Warm Water. May be used for as long as it remains valid (10 years). In Portugal and since 2013 it is mandatory to have an energy performance certificate in the sale or lease of properties

Construction and engineering consulting

Do you have an idea of building in a certain place but don't know if it is legally possible to achieve your goal? BuildingAzores will know. We do construction feasibility studies, namely through the analysis of all legal constraints for the construction and / or reconstruction of your property, as well as support in the elaboration of projects to be delivered to licensing entities. In our consulting services we also present management and coordination of construction projects or properties improvement and / or improvement projects. We analyze your case and advise you to make your bureaucratic process as simple as possible, which means more time for you.

Construction supervision

Whether or not you are on the Island to accompany and coordinate your construction, BuidlingAzores does it for you. In building projects there are always unforeseen events, so we exist to make sure these events do not compromise your goals and deadlines. We manage, supervise and coordinate construction for maximum efficiency.

Property Management

If you acquired or intend to acquire a property in Santa Maria but your personal and / or professional life doesn't allow you to move permanently to the Island, in BuildingAzores we manage and maintain your property in your absence, so each time you come back you can find your property the way you left it. And if you want to value your property, we also manage the rental accommodation.

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